Join us for a webinar presenting OpenClinica Insight,
visual reporting on ALL of your clinical study data

Choose your sesion to learn more about the new gold standard in reporting:
Monday, March 26, 8pm GMT or
Wednesday, March 28, 8am GMT

Intelligent, visual reporting of ALL your data has arrived. To learn more, download this FAQ and register for one of our webinars.

OpenClinica Insight turns your data into actionable intelligence

Visualize anything in your OpenClinica database
Screening and enrollment, data capture productivity, queries, SDV, audit log, site performance, safety metrics, and more!

Easily create custom reports
Point and click report builder; also supports custom SQL

Documented tables and fields
Easily understand and browse your data.

Customize dashboards
Bundle reports into dashboards. Create dashboards for different stakeholders.

Configurable roles
Set custom access permissions to data, reports, and dashboards.

Collaborate and share
Define common reports, or build study specific reports. Easily reuse.

Pre-created reports include:
SDV by site
Items changes since SDV
Missing forms
Query aging
Field query rates
Visit completion
Actual vs. projected enrollment
AE’s per site

Auto-push reports Define “pulses” to push out report updates via email or Slack. Choose time-based or event-based scheduling.